Doing things different

Born in LA. Jurny is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to doing things differently. We are here for the travelers. For those who seek the thrill of discovering new places, who want the feel of luxury, and seamlessness of cutting-edge technology. We want our guests to be in complete control. We are a new way to stay. A way that’s immersive, professional, and gives our guests the comfort of home.

Customer First

We’re rethinking every step of the short-term stay, from the excitement of your initial booking, to the final check out. The result is a carefully crafted, consistently satisfying customer experience.

Freedom & Empowerment

We’re here for the people who want to travel on their terms. We empower our guests to be in complete control of their experience.

Tech & Connected

When we say “Tech” we mean it! We offer our guests a tech-first experience, with 24/7 virtual support. Guests can unlock the door with their phone, and be standing inside their units in minutes.