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Hotel industry trends to watch out for this year

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Hotel industry trends: which ones should you be aware of to keep your business competitive? 

The hotel industry is one of the most rapidly-growing industries within the tourism sector, so it's important to stay up to date on the latest trends. In an increasingly globalized world, more and more people choose  a way of life turned to travel and exploration of different places. This trend is creating an increasing demand for hotels and generating a considerable growth in revenue for the hotel industry, with luxury hotels in particular leading the way. 

With new technology and trends popping up every day, the hospitality industry is constantly changing. As a hotel owner or manager, it's crucial for your hotel to keep up with the times and to know the latest hospitality trends so you can keep your business competitive and profitable. In addition, keeping up with the latest news is very important to ensure that hotels guarantee the kind of experience that customers want, and that they can offer everything they want and expect. 

Here are some of the latest hotel industry trends to watch out for this year.

5 hotel industry trends you'll need to keep an eye on 

The most successful hotels are those that manage to keep up with the latest trends and take advantage of new technologies. This will allow you to better satisfy your customers and improve the overall experience of your stay. Current hospitality trends change very quickly and are fueled by new consumer habits and the latest technologies. Let’s analyse together 5 trends to keep an eye on for this year

  1. sustainability-focused design: nowadays, environmental sustainability is increasingly important and is often one of the factors according to which travelers choose where to stay, so eco-friendly practices are becoming more and more common in hospitality establishments. Hotels that want to be considered eco-friendly are focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and consider energy saving and waste management as priorities. They're looking into renewable energy sources, offering recycling bins in rooms and public areas, and using sustainable materials whenever possible;

  2. interactive technology: guests expect more than just a room when they choose a hotel or an accommodation facility - they also expect access to technology that makes their stay more fun and convenient. Interactive lighting systems, smart access control systems, wireless charging, video walls, smart controls and other technological amenities are becoming more common throughout hotels across the world and will allow your guests to do anything they want in their hotel room and to be as relaxed as they possibly can be on a trip; 

  3. digital guest experiences: today more than ever, hotel guests want to use digital tools that facilitate and speed up all aspects related to booking and travel experiences. Apps, in particular, are increasingly used by guests, and there are plenty of ways for hoteliers and short-term rental properties owners to use them to improve communication and relationship management with customers. The best customer service comes from knowing the needs and preferences of your guests and taking care of them to guarantee a perfect experience. With Jurny Guest Mobile App, for example, you can provide your guests the power to easily manage check-in operations, to access all building amenities, to unlock and lock their doors, to control their room temperature and directly access their 24/7 virtual concierge;

  4. unique and personalized experiences: personalization is one of the aspects most considered by guests to choose a hotel or accommodation to stay in and the demand for more personalized and tailored experiences will continue to grow in the coming years. Modern technologies makes it much easier to personalize the stay experience and remember your guests preferences: guest screening and comprehensive customer information databases, reputation trackers to monitor online feedback and in-house technology are leading hotels to more and more customisable guests’ experiences; 

  5. health-conscious experiences: travelers are of course increasingly health-conscious, so hotels and lodging providers should do everything they can to ensure guests stay fit and healthy while traveling. This can include a variety of services, such as changing your hotel menu, hosting mindfulness, meditation and yoga classes and coaching, or renovating rooms to give guests more options and the ability to exercise and stick to their routine if they want to. 

Luxury hotel industry trends 

Luxury hotels will continue to grow in popularity. They have always been very popular and requested by travelers, but this year we're seeing a rise in those that cater to more niche interests (for instance adventure travel or wellness retreats) and we predict that in 2023 hotels will be focusing even more on luxury than previously. This makes sense: travelers want more options when they go on vacation, so why not give them what they want? 

Hotels that aim for five-star ratings tend to offer up more personalized services and amenities like private pools and butlers for their guests. The goal is to create a unique experience by offering guests all the perks of staying at a boutique hotel without sacrificing the conveniences of a chain hotel - and it seems to be working! According to a study, travelers staying in luxury hotels or accomodations tend to spend more money per night if the property provides exclusive and personalized services. 

Additionally, the latest luxury travel trends show that the hotel industry will continue its move toward digital check-in and advanced property management systems. As technology continues to improve, we expect that more hotels will adopt digital check-in processes as an alternative or supplement to traditional check-in methods like using an ID card or signing in manually at the front desk. This means that when your guests arrive at your destination, all they'll have to do is enjoy their vacation - no need for keys or ID cards! Property Management System allows you to manage reservations in a simple way and to send personalized messages to your guests, to keep them informed from initial booking to checkout and much more! 

If you need more information about JurnyOS or JurnyMOS full-integrated and all in one management system solutions, contact us or book a demo with one of our experts. We will help you to find the solution that best suits your needs and answer any questions you have!

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