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Trends in marketing for the hotel industry

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The latest marketing trends you should know to increase bookings and  revenue

Hotel marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a hotel, resort or vacation rental and it plays a key role in helping you to increase bookings and revenue. From developing a brand identity to redesigning your website or implementing new technologies, there are several ways to make your hotel stand out - and they all depend on the specific characteristics of your property and target. For example, if you own an upscale resort with high-end amenities, you might want to focus on more exclusive and interactive guest experiences. If you own an independent property you could instead focus on encouraging review solicitation and monitor online feedback with a reputation tracker and automated post-stay review requests. 

Whatever your strategy is, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest hotel marketing trends so that you can find ways to improve your business while also staying within budget constraints.

Why is hotel marketing so important for your business? 

Hotel marketing includes a series of strategies and techniques that hoteliers and property owners can use in order to promote their business, retain customers and attract new guests. Hotel marketing strategies are crucial to make the experience offered to guests as pleasant and attractive as possible and thus boost bookings. When done correctly, they can help you to build your brand, improve brand awareness and customer loyalty.

In addition, hotel marketing is important because it allows you to improve communication and connect with your target audience, increasing the level of customer satisfaction.

In recent years, new digital tools and more conscious travelers’ behaviors - also influenced by the pandemic - have led to the introduction of new marketing approaches and strategies. In the digital age, hotel marketing takes place mostly online and hotel owners and vacation rental management companies must maximize their presence across multiple channels using new hotel booking technologies and tools, such as a Channel Manager or guest mobile Apps.

Hotel marketing strategies for hotels and resorts

The hotel industry is constantly changing and that means that hotel marketing strategies have to change too. Hotel and resort owners need to ensure that they're keeping up with the latest news and trends in the hospitality industry, but also that they're staying on top of all of the changes happening in their own market - from new competitors popping up every week to changing consumer preferences. Let’s analyze together some interesting hotel marketing strategies for hotels and resorts and how you can use them to grow your business: 

1. The rise of mobile marketing

Hotels are increasingly using mobile marketing as a tool to help them better connect with potential guests. This trend is especially true for hotels, resorts and vacation rentals that attract a large number of visitors from all over the world. As a hotel owner or short term rental operator you’ll need to adopt a mobile-first approach: it’s not just optimizing the user experience for customers who navigate your website but offering you guests an easy and smooth online booking experience. With a Guest Mobile App you can make your property more visible, increase bookings and provide your guests with the power to easily manage check-in operations and instantly share their reservation with other guests. 

2. Data-driven marketing

Hotel marketers are using data-driven strategies more than ever before to get an edge on their competitors, gain an understanding of their customers’ needs and behaviors and optimize hotel operations at every level. Using data to make strategic decisions can help you to improve operational efficiency, reach target customers, upgrade your guests’ experience and revenue management. In fact, by enriching your customer database with additional information on your guests, you can provide a more personalized experience, giving them something that they’re really interested in, from a particular bottle of wine to exercise equipment or other amenities. 

Another interesting way that the hospitality industry can take advantage of a data-driven approach is for revenue management. Rental pricing tools such as Jurny’s AI Pricing Software enable hotels to build their own predictive models to determine how to best price rooms to maximize revenue. 

3. Customer experience marketing

Customer experience marketing refers to all marketing strategies that are based around the unique experience customers actually have when staying at a hotel or vacation rental. A hotel stay is much more than the simple choice of a room: exclusive experiences and personalized services are what guests are really looking for. You can improve the customer experience in different ways, such as offering unique features in hotel rooms, promoting experiences that appeal to your guests preferences or providing a superior range of facilities. A positive customer experience is one of the key criteria travelers use to select an accommodation and happy guests are profitable too: they will leave excellent reviews and will be more tempted to return. 

4. Online reputation management

Online reviews are essential to increase the reputation of your hotel and grow your business because they are one of the main aspects that travelers consider when choosing a stay. Various studies show that online ratings can have a major impact on a hospitality business and are directly related to occupancy rates and thus turnover.

Travelers like to scan through reviews before proceeding with their booking: positive feedback can determine the preference of one hotel over another, thus increasing the number of bookings and helping your business to become more successful. The best way to monitor and control reviews is using a reputation tracker software, which will allow you to better manage your guests’ feedback and identify strengths or, on the contrary, possible negative aspects to improve. 

If you need more information about JurnyOS or JurnyMOS hotel management system solutions, contact us or book a demo with one of our experts. We will help you to find the solution that best suits your needs!

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