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A.I. Pricing Software
AI Pricing Software
A.I. Pricing Software
Our AI analyzes 10,000,000+ data points daily. Automatically adjust your property pricing to outperform the competition in your market consistently.

Short term rental pricing tools

Short term rental pricing tools: A.I. Pricing Software

Short term rental pricing tools are ideal solutions to get ahead of the competition, increase bookings, boost your revenue and make your business grow. Jurny’s A.I. Pricing Software analyzes more than 10 millions data points daily and automatically adjusts your property pricing to outperform the competition in your market. The software takes multiple factors into account to help you to determine the perfect pricing for your hotel, apartment or vacation rental, analyzing your competitors as well as real time demand and occupancy. The price adjustments are automatically generated taking into account fluctuations in supply and demand.

Implementing our A.I Pricing Software you can optimize your personalized revenue management strategy and stay competitive in the hospitality market, but also avoid low occupancy rates. The more competitive your prices are, the more likely it is that guests will choose your rental!

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