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Access control system for your Residential Property

JurnyOS Access control system: the best smart access solution for your rental property

With the right access control system, you can increase the security of your property, streamline access, improve your guests' experience, boost revenue, and much more. JurnyOS Access Control System is the perfect solution to allow short term rental operators, property managers, staff and guests to enter and exit the property in a fastest and simplest way, without traditional keys. Specifically, our Access Control System will allow you to manage: cameras, door locks, smart thermostat, smart doorbell, smart hub, CO² and noise sensors and all interactive technologies to improve your guests’ experience.

A residential access control system can guarantee to your guests a personalized and high-tech experience. This includes being able to access your property and amenities simply with their smartphone or other keyless access methods. With JurnyOS Access Control System you can digitize your guests entry, exit, and amenity access, creating the interactive, high-tech experience they expect, also obtaining higher reviews.

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