A Technology Solution

for the Future of Hospitality

Jurny's software-based management solution enables a contactless hospitality experience for today’s modern traveler. Using our patent pending technology and operating science, Jurny offers a turnkey management service designed to reduce overhead and increase profit in your asset.

We Work With…

Hotels, apartment hotels, and short-term rentals.
Jurny can manage and brand your asset at no upfront cost.


by Jurny.

Seamless, automated, and social distancing-based travel is the new norm. Guests prefer minimal to no interaction with hotel staff.

No Front desk
Variable cost professional cleaning
24/7 Virtual customer support
Keyless Entry
Room Sensors
Immersive App Experince
Virtual Guest Screening
Automated Marketing & Pricing

Data Driven.

We use complex data & algorithms to select properties that will win big in the hospitality industry. Talk to us today to see if your portfolio has qualifying properties.

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